Join us for Yoga-Posium!


Yoga dates back to Vedic India, several thousands of years ago during a golden age when human being were pondering where they came from and the meaning of life. Over the centuries, the teachings of Yoga, Sanskrit word meaning to yoke or union, have evolved to the context of the time and been influenced by the great philosophers of the day.

In the past,Yoga, the practice of connecting with one’s own true nature, was limited to holy men devoted to ascetic lives. However, in recent years,Yoga has surged as a global phenomenon. It makes sense that Yoga has gained relevance in our modern World. An overload of stress, toxins, and disconnection with nature has ushered in an era where people are seeking health and vitality. Yoga offers a path to finding physical, mental and spiritual harmony in daily life.

As summer rolls in, Body Awakening invites you to come out and play at “Yoga-Posium” a series of free events to foster community to practice and explore the teachings of Yoga together. Each symposium will begin with a one hour Yoga class taught by Megha Varma followed by a discussion on a Yoga principal or concept. Thank you to our supporter, Rainbow Grocery Co-op for donating healthy refreshments at each Yoga-posium. We hope to make each event zero waste. Please bring your own cup and plate so we may leave no trace behind. Grab a mat, water, put on some sunscreen and join us!

Schedule of Events

5/26/13 – Chrissy Field


West Side of Crissy Field
(across from House of Air Trampoline park)
926 Mason Street
San Francisco, CA 94129

Discussion topic: Prana- life force, breath, spirit, vital energy.

Event is free – you must RSVP here on EventBrite


6/9/13 – Sunday Streets Dog Patch


Discussion topic: Tapas- Disciplined use of energy. Tapas literally means to heat the body and cleanse it. We’ll talk about cultivating this ‘heat’ or inner strength.

7/7/13 – Sunday Streets Golden Gate Park


Discussion topic: Mantras- a word or phrase. We’ll discuss why mantras are spoken and the meaning of the chant of OM.

8/24/13 – Dolores Park

11am, next to the tennis courts

Discussion topic: Yamas and Niyamas- the first two limbs of Yoga, according to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

9/8/13 – Sunday Streets Western Addition


Discussion: Ayurvedic medicine and body constitution types.