A Healthy Holiday Treat

Body Awakening has got just what you need to keep you feeling great despite undue holiday stress: Massage, Peace bar by Lush, Organic Chocolate.10846500_772060692888534_4174779812552672561_n

Our massage is specifically designed to bring out the best in you. Our approach takes an integrated view of the body, maximizing the overall benefit to you. Whether you want to zen-out with Shiatsu, be invigorated with kick-ass Russian Sports, or take the weight of the world off your shoulders with deep techniques and Trigger-Point, we have a massage for you. Reverberating rhythms from a Beats Pill supply a complimentary resonant energy. A West-facing view over San Francisco five stories up makes this an ideal space to let your stresses drift over the bay, leaving you renewed.

We want your holidays to be extra special. So, during this giving season, when you book a session or buy a gift certificate between now and January 12th, we’ll enhance and your euphoria with a Peace massage bar from Lush, and a delectable organic chocolate. Wishing you Healthy Holidays!


Thai Foot Reflexology Workshop – April 20th 2013

The Thai understand the nuance of body mechanics. If you’ve ever received a Thai-style massage session, you’ll know the depth of this statement. Thai massage is a practice of manipulating the body utilizing grace, pressure, leverage, and a little planned spontaneity. A session will take you through an experience of great relief, unwinding, deep breathing and pushing boundaries. The Thai also recognized that all of the body’s internal organs have nervous pathway referral points in the feet, leading to the art of Thai foot reflexology – revitalizing the inside of the body though focused massage techniques on this often achy and neglected body part.

Thai foot reflexology massage rhythmically is applied to loosen, open, stretch and soften tension and promote circulation in vital pathways.The musculoskeletal system and organs will receive attention through the course of a session. The spine is twisted gently, the lungs refreshed, the liver is cleansed, and intestines are palpated in a non-invasive manner. Incorporating knowledge acquired from millennia of practice, Thai foot reflexology is a great way to restore the body from the feet up!

Massage therapist, Wendell Doman, learned Thai foot reflexology during his travels to Thailand. He will be sharing this therapeutic art during a 2-hour hands on workshop  that will provide a brief introduction to the history and practice of Thai massage, understanding of the energetic and physiological pathways of the foot and instruction to give and receive a 45 minute Thai foot reflexology massage.

Event details

Date:  April 20, 2013

Time:  2-4pm

Location:  San Francisco Zen Center’s Victorian House, 308 Page street, San Francisco Ca 94102

Price: $15 in advance, $20 at door

Click here to purchase your tickets online through PayPal