New Studio in the Mission

Body Awakening has moved to a new studio location in the Mission! We’re happy to have ActivSpace as our new home for facilitating integrative well-being, 7 days a week.

Located five stories up, our space looks over the Western undulating horizon featuring Twin Peaks, Sutro Tower, Dolores High School Tower, The U.S. Mint, and SFU’s belfries. Eliminate your stresses at any time between a refreshing foggy sunrise, or a moonlit city after a full day.

Our studio offers a vibrant atmosphere. Elemental characters from four cultures populate our Southern wall. Maa Laxmii looks over the city, offering her good fortune to all in her gaze. Buddha meditates over a reflection box. The places of healing arts from around the globe speckle the window. Body Awakening’s lotus and Ohm paired with an aspirational hero’s bow and arrow flank two columnar positions. A peacock feather adorns another. A labyrinthine impression hangs from the ceiling colored to induce creativity. All this creates 1001 cubic feet of healing space, where you can express yourself feely.

Sessions in our studio will leave your refreshed and inspired to be your best self. Stop by for a visit, and see what Body Awakening can do for you.

Thanks to all who helped us break-in the space! The open house energized the studio well. See below for some pics of the event. More pictures on Facebook.



Think Global – Eat Local

Local, organic produce for under $20 from Alemany Farmers Market in San Francisco

The food we eat has an impact on our body, community and planet. Since we make choices on food everyday, incorporating mindfulness to our decision making process can deepen our connection with life-promoting cycles. We love shopping at farmers’ markets for the many practical benefits from our weekly grocery trip!

  • Supporting local farmers as opposed to agribusiness giants responsible for unsustainable farming practices that destroy the Earth’s resources.
  • Buying local  strengthens the local economy by increasing investment back into the community.
  • Wide selection of organic foods and free range, hormone-free eggs and dairy (less expensive than grocery chains in most cases)
  • Abundance of nutrient-rich produce.
  • No processed foods on-site. The variety of fresh ingredients inspire culinary creativity!
  • less packaging = less waste
  • Minimal  C02 emissions from the transport of local food to market.
  • Getting a daily dose of Vitamin E from shopping outdoors.
  • Experience the change of seasons with food!