Make it a Hot Stone Sunday at Body Awakening

Ditch the ice-cream and indulge on Sunday, Saturday or Monday at Body Awakening with a 90 minute hot stone massage. The massage uses volcanic iron-rich Basalt stones with heat retaining properties. The stones are collected from rivers, where they were smoothed out by current. The use of heat to relax and sooth the body is seen throughout ancient healing traditions. Native American cultures used stones heated in fire to sooth and relieve muscle tension and aches. The warmth of the stones relax and loosen muscles, allowing the therapist to relieve deep tension. Physiological benefits include increased metabolism and circulation.
Body Awakening’s signature “Smooth Shanti” hot stone massage begins with gentle Thai style stretching to unwind the body for deep, soothing hot stone massage therapy. The stones are soaked in a bath heated to the temperature of 130 degrees Fahrenheit and then laid on energy centers of the body to allow the heat to gently loosen tissue. Luscious rose-infused oil is applied to the body as the stones gracefully stroke away tension.  Stones of various sizes are used during the treatment, larger stones used for larger muscles and smaller stones for more precise tissue work.
90 minutes / $150.