Mesmerizing mural for your musing mind

Body Awakening's Mural

An epic elaboration of archetypes, heroes, and gods awaits your presence in Body Awakening’s Studio. As many civilizations have looked to the heavens for inspiration, we beckon you to look above for the same spark.

As you enter our space, Ganesha, the Gatekeeper and overcomer of obstacles greets you warmly.

Keeping watch over the entryway and overcoming all obstacles

Hanuman leaps an unfathomable distance to pluck the sun out of the sky as if it were fruit.

Leaping a million yojanas to pluck the sun out of the sky as if it were fruit

Krishna charms all with his lyrical flute and cheery demeanor.Charming all with his lyrical flute and cheery demeanor

The sage sits contemplating the rhythms of the universe, while the poet writes the messages of the muses on the sage’s beard.

Contemplating the rhythms of the universe while the poet writes the muses' messages on his beard

Theseus, Greece’s greatest hero, emerges from defeating the minotaur in the maze; bringing his truth to light.

Emerging successfully from the maze, bringing truth to light

Shiva sits, meditating, observing peace during our era.Meditating on mountain peaks in observation of peace in our era

Silhouetted lovers embrace affectionately with our best energy.Earth's perfect duo in love

Artemis draws her bow exemplifying graceful feminine strength.The huntress draws her bow in honor of feminine strength

A majestic sun beams enlightening the cosmos.Enlightening the cosmos

Fierce Durga sits poised on her tiger, ready to provide feminine protection.

Fierce protectress on her powerful tiger

A bastion of peace exudes calming energy from his nirvanic state.An ever-present bastion of calm in his nivanic state

The dream of the universe is brought into existence by Vishnu, sleeping pleasantly on his bed of nagas in the sea of infinity.Dreams the universe into existence on his bed of nagas in the sea of infinity

All this, a stunning Westward San Francisco view, vibrant colors, and more beckon you for a truly inspired state of relaxation with a Body Awakening session.

We’d like to offer a special thanks to San Francisco’s Sonya Genel for bringing our vision of interweaving of myth, legend, gods, and cosmos into such a wonderful artistic manifestation: Shukriya, Shukriya, Shukriya!

Looking back and Looking on


You’ve seen this guy before; Janus, the two-faced Roman god proffering the name of our first month in the year. He marks a time a transition that we all cycle through as human being living on this earth. For many of us, this is a period of reflection over the previous year, which inspires us to set refreshed intentions for the year to come. Body Awakening definitely embraces this attitude for this time of year.

Reflection offers an experience of seeing the ripples of our actions. We take a step back to harness the lessons our steps afford. A wave of wisdom carries us to our present moment in time. We ride the tide of life’s cycles, furthering our understanding of the self and the world in which we participate. Existing in the present with this wealth of wisdom we bring from years behind. We put on a beginner’s face to confront the fresh experiences of future. Eagerness lets the unknown shape uncharacterized features of this weathered face we all wear.

old king

While traveling in Honduras in 2009, I happened to visit the ancient City of Bats in Copan. The culture which built this city understood this concept of cyclical transition very will. In a particular stone carving, two patriarchs (father and son) share opposing side of this massive monolith. The father’s features are deep and well-defined. He overlooks a turtle, a cultural symbol wisdom and experience. The son’s features are antithetical to those of his father. He has yet to define his character. The stone in front of him is a perfect cube; yet to be etched by time. Perhaps he will be as his father in years to come. Perhaps this life’s stone will chisel a turtle, as well. For us who still breath, the same holds true. Our lives are yet to be carved. Each moment better defines who we are. Let these moments define our best selves.

young king

Body Awakening appreciates the wisdom of our human culture from its rich past offering the arts that keep us at our best. We turn our face freshly forward to experience living life well. The same we wish for you. Welcome to 2015 C.E.!