Integrative Health Programs

Vibrant life and longevity is best attained with a holistic approach to health and wellness. Our mental, physical, spiritual, & emotional health IMG_0261are all interconnected. Urban life is filled with daily demands and stressors. Many of us get caught in a cycle of un-healthy behavioral patterns which disconnect us from our body’s needs and result in an undesirable state of being.

Body Awakening’s Integrative Health and Wellness Programs are designed to cultivate strength, energy, clarity, healing and optimal function through self-care and nourishment. Program participants work with our founder to develop a tailored program to promote sustained well-being.  We have 2 program options:

 Weekend Integrative Health Program

Intro to Meditation at Body Awakening’s Studio

2  1-hour private Yoga classes

1  functional fitness training session, featuring TRX

1  90-minute Fusion Massage of your choosing

Fresh pressed organic fruit and vegetable juices both mornings

Hike through Muir Woods National Monument (entrance fee included)

Cost: $400/person or $300/person for groups of 2 or more.

2-Week Integrative Health Program

2 hikes in local National Parks (entrance fees included)

6 hours of private functional fitness training

5 hours of private Yoga instruction

2 90-minute Body Awakening Fusion Massages of your choosing

Intro to Meditation at the San Francisco Zen Center plus weekly guided meditation with wellness coach

2 weeks worth of primarily organic groceries from Rainbow Grocery Coop and a local farmers market

4 cooking activities

Menu and recipes for 2 weeks worth of nutritious meals to prepare at home

Graduation Meditation-Yoga-Fitness class

Graduation dinner to celebrate over an organic, vegetarian meal

Cost: $2,400/person

 For inquiries and booking information please contact us via email:

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