Your question: What is the highest paid physiotherapist in India?

What is the highest salary of physiotherapist India?

What is the highest salary offered as Physiotherapist? Highest reported salary offered as Physiotherapist is ₹50lakhs. The top 10% of employees earn more than ₹37lakhs per year. The top 1% earn more than a whopping ₹50lakhs per year.

What type of physiotherapist gets paid the most?

Practice Setting. Another factor that contributes to salary rates for physical therapists: where you treat. According to, home health, long-term care, home care, and geriatric facilities are the highest paying PT areas.

How much a physiotherapist earns in India?

Recent reports suggest that with a few years working as a professional, the average salary that a physiotherapist can earn is ₹3.60 lakhs a year. This can go up to nearly ₹8 lakhs per year depending on the institution that a physiotherapist is working for and the job experience they have acquired.

What is the salary of BPT in India?

On average, the BPT graduates are offered somewhere around INR 2,00,000 – 8,00,000.

BPT Salary.

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Job Profile Average Salary
Physiotherapist INR 2,00,000 – 7,00,000
Lecturer INR 5,00,000 – 6,00,000
Osteopath INR 2,50,000 – 5,00,000
Self Employed Private Physiotherapist INR 3,00,000 – 6,00,000

Can physiotherapist write Dr in India?

According to the association, physiotherapists can use the title ‘Dr’ before their names and the Medical Council of India (MCI) and the Indian Medical Association (IMA) have no statutory power to regulate the profession in India.

Which type of physiotherapy is best?

Orthopaedic physiotherapy is the most common form of physical therapy. It deals with the broadest range of issues. Sports physiotherapists use orthopaedic therapy to treat sports injuries. Still, we recommend this type of treatment for anybody recovering from surgeries involving their muscles or bones.

Can BPT be called a doctor?

Yes , of course vidhi, you can add ‘Dr. ‘ before your name after Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) as after the completion of the course , you became a certified physiotherapist now. After the successful completion of the course , you are also registered under Physiotherapist Category Doctors.

Do physiotherapist earn more than nurses?

While the scope of physiotherapy is limited and usually student must have completed the professional degree for more better opportunities. Even if you compare the pay scale, nurses usually earn more than the physiotherapist and it gets increases with the experience.

Do physiotherapists use stethoscope?

Physiotherapy students are taught to use stethoscope. They will teach you basic auscultation, recording blood pressure zones of auscultation, breath sounds, etc. Hope this helps.

Does physiotherapy need NEET?

Candidates don’t require NEET score for admission into Bachelor of Physiotherapy course. Separate entrance exams are conducted for BPT course.

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What is the salary of BPT per month?

The average salary for teaching jobs in Physiotherapy varies from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 40,000 per month. The remuneration for established private practitioners can be nearly Rs.

Which BSc course has highest salary?

Career & Jobs:

Course Jobs Salary Offered
BSc (Biochemistry) Biochemist Freshers – Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000 per month With 1 to 3 Years Experience – Rs 25,000 to Rs 80,000 per month
Healthcare scientist, clinical biochemistry
Clinical research associate
Forensic scientist

Which is better BCA or BPT?


Both the courses are good in their own path. It’s your choice that whatever interest you have in both of these courses. If you want to become a software tester, system analyst, programmer then go for BCA or if you want to become a physiotherapist, then go for BPT.

Which is best B Pharma or BPT?

In my opinion, definitely BPT is a better course than B. Pharmacy. In the recent times Physiotherapy has been advancing and has received an increased demand in both scope and job prospects. Considering the advancements and scope BPT is to be preferable over B.

What is the salary of government physiotherapist?

Average Government Hospital Physiotherapist salary in India is ₹ 1.8 Lakhs for employees with experience between 2 years to 6 years. Physiotherapist salary at Government Hospital ranges between ₹ 0.3 Lakhs to ₹ 4.8 Lakhs.