What insurance does a sports massage therapist need?

The main type of insurance they need is public liability insurance. This is also the type of insurance that needs to be tailored to the unique needs of massage therapists because standard public liability insurance could leave a massage therapist uninsured in the event of certain claims.

Do you need insurance for sports massage?

If a client ends up injuring themselves during one of your massage sessions and they blame you for their injuries, you may find yourself on the end of a costly compensation claim, which is why you need Public Liability insurance.

What type of insurance do massage therapists need?

There are three main types of insurance that massage therapists need: general liability, professional liability, and business property liability. General liability: Coverage for any accidents that occur before or after treatment.

What is public liability insurance for sports massage?

Public liability insurance

A public liability policy helps to cover these costs in the event a member of the public claims your business activities caused them injury, illness or poor health, or that their property was damaged.

Do I need insurance to give a massage?

Why do Massage Therapists need Public Liability insurance? Public Liability is an important cover for any business that interacts with members of the public. One of your clients or a member of the public could take a spill and hurt themselves or damage their property on your premises.

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What is liability insurance for massage therapist?

Massage Therapy Liability Insurance is a specialized policy package designed for massage therapists and clinics that provides financial protection against lawsuits alleging negligence or errors and omissions that resulted in damages, losses, or bodily injury to their patients.

Which is better AMTA or Abmp?

Discover the difference with the only member-driven and member-led massage therapy association. AMTA offers the strongest benefits in the massage therapy industry. See why over 90,000 massage therapists have chosen AMTA over competitors, including Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP).

Is massage therapy covered by insurance in Canada?

It is a common and accepted practice in Canada to use your work coverage to pay for registered massage therapy. Using workplace insurance to cover the cost of registered massage therapy helps to alleviate both physical and mental conditions including: Shoulder pain.