What are the goals of pre event sports massage?

Now the difference with pre-event massage is that we’re not trying to improve or fix anything in the muscles or ligaments, unlike in regular therapeutic massage. The main goal here is to help you, the athlete, prepare mentally and physically for the event ahead.

What is the purpose of pre event massage?

It’s important to treat tight muscles before exercise to prevent injuries and help enhance performance. A pre event massage uses a variety of massage techniques to increase blood circulation into the muscles, increase temperature and improve tissue elasticity. Pre event massage can help ease acute pains.

What is the purpose of sports massage?

Definition. Sports massage is a form of bodywork geared toward participants in athletics. It is used to help prevent injuries, to prepare the body for athletic activity and maintain it in optimal condition, and to help athletes recover from workouts and injuries.

What is the difference between pre and post event massage?

A pre-event massage can form part of the vitally important warm-up prior to physical exertion. Post-event sports massage is also a type of massage that uses general sports massage techniques but in way, which allows the body to recover from physical activity, which is why it can form part of a successful cool down.

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What should I do before a sports massage?


  • Research about sports massage. …
  • Learn about the different types and styles of massage. …
  • Know if the massage studio is accredited. …
  • Sports massage is different from a spa treatment. …
  • Ensure you are well-hydrated before you arrive. …
  • Soreness normal. …
  • Avoid heavy-eating.

What is a pre event?

pre-event Noun

pre-event, the ~ (before event) ‐ A synchronous event whose handler runs completely before the action that raised the event starts.

How would massage benefit my athletes in recovery from training and competition?

It not only supports muscle repair and decreases injury risk but also improves circulation and wards off stress. It’s a great way to relieve mental tension and relax after a hard workout. A good massage can restore mobility to injured muscle tissue and reduce fatigue.

How does sports massage improve awareness?

It can also break down old scar tissue and prevent further scarring. Sports massage is a great tool to improve self-awareness by helping a person monitor their own condition and adjust things accordingly. Many people don’t realise the amount of tension in their body until someone starts performing a massage.

What can I expect from a sports massage?

Your body will undergo trauma during a sports massage, and while it’s likely you will feel a bit sore for a few days, you may also feel cold, thirsty and a faint as your body works to metabolize the waste products removed from the soft tissue. Drinking plenty of water and taking a warm bath will aid this process.

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How does sports massage enhance performance?

Regular massage helps improve both range of motion and muscle flexibility. This allows the athlete to move correctly and effortlessly during training or in competition. It also tones the muscle by mechanically stimulating muscle reflex.

Does pre event massage prevent injury?

Pre-event massage

This in turn helps to decrease the chance of sustaining an injury during the event, and can also reduce nerves and anxiety – helping the athlete achieve their optimal performance.

What is the purpose of maintenance massage?

Maintenance massage

This type of massage takes place in between training sessions and the aim is to work on specific elements and tissue structures which have become shortened, tight and painful. The idea is to loosen off tightness within soft tissues so as to improve performance and prevent injury.

What is post event massage?

Post event massage uses light pressured techniques alongside passive stretching to help regain normal muscle resting lengths after strenuous exercise. A post event massage helps treat and prevent delayed onset muscles, fatigue and tightness.