Question: How should I dress for a spa massage?

Spas want their guests to be as comfortable as possible, so non-restrictive garments – such as yoga bottoms, lounge pants, T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies – are encouraged at most resorts. Trainers and sports shoes are often allowed too, but their use is likely to be restricted to dry areas, for hygiene reasons.

Do you take your clothes off at a spa?

Take It All Off (Or Don’t)

For massages and body treatments, ideally you disrobe completely (that means underwear, too). Most spas offer paper panties to wear during body treatments (like scrubs, wraps, or self-tanning)—they don’t cover much, but enough to provide a modicum of modesty.

What do you wear to a spa appointment?

Your time at the spa is all about feeling relaxed, so wear something you feel comfortable in. This might be a t-shirt and leggings or loose trousers. Chances are, you won’t be wearing the clothes you arrive in for too long, but making sure that you’re comfortable is top priority.

What to wear to go get a massage?

You can wear what you want

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Some clients keep underwear on, some wear compression shorts, and everything in between. I give massages to clients who are fully clothed. Whatever you are going to feel comfortable with is the best thing that you can wear (or not wear) to a massage.

Do you wear anything under robe at spa?

If you’re concerned about what to wear under the robe, don’t be. Most people are nude under those spa robes, but it’s perfectly O.K. to leave your undies on if you feel more comfortable. Many spas also offer disposable underwear just for that purpose. You can ask for a pair when you’re shown to the locker room.

What should you not do during a massage?

5 Things You Should Never Do Before Your Massage (Number 5 Might Surprise You)

  • Drink. Water, yes, but alcohol is a real no-no. …
  • Sunbathe. This is tough to avoid on vacation, but experts recommend spending the day-of your massage out of direct sunlight to help prevent sunburn. …
  • Feel ill. …
  • Self-groom. …
  • Shower.

Do you wear makeup to a spa?

The big thing about going to a spa is to do what makes you feel comfortable. So if you want to wear make-up to go there, then feel free, but you absolutely don’t need to. If it’s possible, try to leave the spa products on your skin until the following day without applying make-up. …

Do you wear a bra to a massage?

You’ll want to strip down to just your undies. Take off your bra—it’ll get in the way of the back massage and who can relax with underwire poking you anyway? Also, if it’s just an upper body massage, you can leave your socks on, otherwise, slip them off so the therapist can work on your soles.

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Do you wear a bathing suit at a spa?

If you are planning on getting wet, a swimsuit is obviously necessary. … Some people are comfortable wearing regular underwear beneath their robe while lounging around at the spa, but if you’re not, definitely pack your favorite swimsuit to wear underneath.

What is spa etiquette?

Stick with the essential oils the spa uses in treatments. On tipping: don’t assume if gratuity is included that the therapist gets it- they don’t always. Ask the therapist discretely if you can- many places will take an included gratuity off your bill if you request it. Then give the tip directly to the therapist.

What are the do’s and don’ts after a massage?

5 Important Massage Tips | What NOT to Do After a Massage

  • Don’t #1. Don’t Forget to Drink Water.
  • Don’t #2. Don’t Shower Immediately.
  • Don’t #3. Don’t Shower With Hot Water.
  • Don’t #4. Don’t Eat a Heavy Meal After a Massage.
  • Don’t #5. …
  • To Summarise, Here are Tips to Follow After a Massage.

Should you shower before a massage?

Whether you receive an oil massage, aromatherapy, or reflexology, the answer is to not shower before a massage or after. Leave a few hour buffer period before doing so. When in the shower or a bath, the surface of the skin has increased blood circulation, which after a massage can lead to surface congestion.

Should I shave my legs before a massage?

Should I shave my legs before my massage or body treatment? Shaving is recommended but please be sure to do so no less than four hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Certain products may irritate newly-shaven skin.

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What should you wear in a hot tub?

What Should I Wear In My Hot Tub?

  • – Have a swimsuit just for your hot tub. …
  • – Hot tub chemicals can be tough on a suit over time. …
  • – Make sure your suit is thoroughly rinsed before you use it. …
  • – After you use your hot tub, hand rinse your suit and hang it up to dry.