Frequent question: Can acupuncturists do Microneedling?

Can acupuncturist microneedle?

Acupuncturists are a natural inheritor of the system of microneedling. Highly trained and specializing in needling techniques, acupuncturists should be able to more easily and effectively apply these techniques than most other practitioners.

Who can perform microneedling?

Health professionals who specialise in treating skin conditions (dermatologists) are well suited to performing microneedling procedures and providing advice about your skin.

Is microneedling a form of acupuncture?

microneedling works in much the same way as acupuncture except we are only targeting one major organ: the skin. The goal is to stimulate the skin to rejuvenate by producing more collagen; in essence, reproducing the healing effect the body goes through when you have a cut.

Who can not do microneedling?

Suspicious Lesions- These must be diagnosed by a practitioner prior to beginning treatment. Discontinue autoimmune therapies and retinoid products 24 hours prior to beginning treatment. Do not treat over active acne, rosacea, or other inflammatory conditions. Do not treat over open wounds.

Can a nurse perform microneedling?

Supervision & Delegation

This means that if the patient is first examined by a physician or a mid-level practitioner—a nurse practitioner or a physician assistant—an individual working in a medical spa may perform microneedling.

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What is acupuncture microneedling?

Acupuncture is done to target specific anatomical areas that encourage healing while microneedling is used to create thousands of micro injuries directly to the area that’s affected which is proven to increase collagen levels without causing permanent damage to the skin.

What is Nano needling?

Nano Infusion, otherwise known as nano-needling is an innovate, non-invasive transdermal serum delivery system designed to rejuvenate your skin and remedy many common issues like lack of tone, uneven texture, excessive pigmentation, scarring, and loss of elasticity.

What qualifications do you need for microneedling?


  • Beauty Therapy Diploma or equivalent.
  • Enrolled or Registered nurse (not enlisted)
  • Past Nursing Experience.
  • Medical Assistant, Beauty Therapy students or Massage Therapist.
  • Clinic owners with equivalent experience.

How deep should microneedling be?

Medical depth Microneedling is ideal for scar revision and more aggressive collagen building at a depth of 2.5 – 4mm. Microneedling can be safely performed on all skin types, though pre-treatment and post-treatment with Lytera may be needed.

Can acupuncture help facial wrinkles?

Facial acupuncture “is as effective as Botox for fine lines, almost as effective with deeper wrinkles , and without paralyzing the muscles,” Goldstein said.

How long does facial rejuvenation acupuncture last?

The effects of Facial Acupuncture Rejuvenation are cumulative and last up to 3-5 years after a course of 10 treatments, with maintenance. Each patient will be different, but usually each patient will need maintenance treatments once per month or once per season.

Is Microneedling natural?

The Miracle of Microneedling: Why Everyone is Talking About This All-Natural Treatment. Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, helps rejuvenate the skin by using your body’s own healing mechanisms. The procedure involves creating micro-tears in the skin with very small needles.

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Can microneedling ruin your skin?

However, like any procedure, microneedling can cause possible complications, including bleeding, bruising, infection, scarring, and pigment problems. For those who are do-it-yourselfers, there are products available that allow you to microneedle at home.

Why does my skin look worse after microneedling?

While it can work wonders at improving acne scars, microneedling can actually spread bacteria in the skin, making breakouts worse. Pin point bleeding isn’t uncommon. According to Dr. Shafran, it’s normal for there to be some pinpoint bleeding on the skin from having the needles inserted into the skin.

What is better chemical peel or microneedling?

Chemical peels generally work best on superficial imperfections, while microneedling penetrates deeper to improve more troublesome issues. Many people with acne scars find a combination of microneedling and chemical peels deliver the best results.