Are massage therapists registered in Australia?

Do you need a license to be a massage therapist in Australia?

A quick call to The Australian Association of Massage Therapists later and I discovered you actually don’t legally require any formal qualification to practice as a massage therapist. The industry’s unregulated practice is astounding. Have you ever thought about who is massaging you?

Is massage regulated in Australia?

Massage therapy is currently self-regulated in Australia. There is no Statute or Act that applies solely or specifically to the practise of massage.

How do I become a registered massage therapist in Australia?

How to become a Massage Therapist

  1. Complete a Certificate IV in Massage Therapy (HLT42015). …
  2. Further your training by completing Diploma of Remedial Massage (HLT52015). …
  3. You may choose to join a professional association such as the Association of Massage Therapists, or the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

Is it legal to massage without a license?

Massage therapists aren’t subject to any national regulations (except for Oklahoma) when it comes to running this type of business. There isn’t a national licensing or certification program that would allow a single massage therapist to practice anywhere within the United States.

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Do you need a certificate to be massage therapist?

Prospective massage therapists should complete a certificate or diploma degree program from an accredited school approved by the state. … After completing the massage therapy education program, a licensing exam is required. In some cases, massage school graduates take a specialized exam created by the state.

How much do massage therapists make in Australia?

The average registered Massage Therapist hourly pay in Australia is AU$28.40, which will land you anywhere in the vicinity of $50K to $60k per year for full-time hours. Depending on your level of experience, this can be significantly higher, with top tier Massage Therapists earning up to $101K a year.

What is mandatory reporting in massage?


In some states/territories, it is mandatory for massage therapists to report any suspected child neglect or child abuse to the appropriate statutory child protection authority.

What is the highest paid massage therapist?

Massage Therapists made a median salary of $42,820 in 2019. The best-paid 25 percent made $59,370 that year, while the lowest-paid 25 percent made $29,420.

How long does it take to get a massage therapy certification?

This means completing an accredited massage therapy program and then passing a nationally-recognized exam. Programs range from 300 to 1,000 hours of in-class instruction and practical training. This can translate to somewhere between a few weeks and two years depending on the structure of the program you enroll in.

How much do massage therapists make?

The national average annual wage of an massage therapist is $47,180, according to the latest data from the BLS. This is around $6,000 less than current average annual salary for all occupations, $53,490.

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What is the difference between a licensed massage therapist and a certified?

Licensed Massage Therapists, or LMTs, have received a license from a state government permitting the therapist to practice within that state. … Certified Massage Practitioners, or CMPs, are certified to practice but have completed less training hours.

What is the fastest way to become a massage therapist?

If you are interested in this fast-growing profession, the first and fastest step to becoming a massage therapist is getting a formal education at a vocational school.

A massage therapist also learns multiple techniques including:

  1. Swedish massage.
  2. Sport therapy.
  3. Deep tissue massage.
  4. Thai massage.
  5. Shiatsu.
  6. Hot stone massages.

How many massages can a massage therapist do in a day?

Most massage therapists try to cap themselves to delivering 5 massage treatments a day. This enables therapists to deliver amazing treatments without compromising on their self-care.