How does Massage and Bodywork benefit me?

  • Massage and Bodywork promotes overall health and well-being. It alleviates stress, facilitates injury recovery, improves posture, boosts immunological function, raises metabolism, removes metabolic waste, increases tissue tone, accelerates healing and injury recovery, encourages good circulation, regulates hormone secretion, decompresses the mind, gives the body rest, heightens self-awareness, and just feels good.

How frequently should I receive massage and bodywork?

  • We suggest receiving massage & bodywork at least once a month. Many people receive sessions as often as once a week. Receive massage as often as you feel it is necessary.

Will my insurance cover massage therapy treatments?

  • Yes. If you’d like to seek massage therapy as a way to improve and maintain your health, let us know. We’ll provide you with the information you need to facilitate insurance coverage.
  • If you have a Health Savings Account (HSA) or a Flex Spending Account (FSA), in many cases you may use that account to cover or reimburse therapeutic massage services.

What styles of massage do you offer?

  • Our therapist has a unique style, which he employs to deliver a customized experience for each client.
  • We also provide the following modalities:
    • Shiatsu
    • Thai Reflexology
    • Trigger-point
    • Cranial-Sacral
    • Structural Integration
  • Russian Sports
      • Hot Stone
      • Fusion Massage

What is Shiatsu?

  • Shiatsu is Japanese acupressure. It is traditionally performed on comfortable mats. Energy pathways are cleanses, and positive qi is encouraged to flow uninhibited. Our sessions cleanse all twelve principal meridians, address qi blockages, and balance energy.

What is Thai Reflexology?

  • Thai Reflexology views the feet as a microcosm of the entire body. Organs, the musculoskeletal system, the nervous system, hormone glands, and energy pathways can all be massaged from the feet. The Thai style includes joint loosening, soft tissue manipulation, and acu-point treatment.

What is Trigger-Point?

  • Trigger-Point understands that the body tends to accumulate tension in specific regions. This specific tension is commonly referred to as a knot and can occur anywhere in muscle fibers and/or fascia. Direct, firm pressure is applied to knots, coaxing tension to dissipate.

What is Cranial-Sacral Therapy?

  • Cranial-Sacral Therapy is a very gentle approach to bodywork using only five grams of pressure. It taps into the neural rhythm, the deepest rhythm of your body. People often experience a meditative state which harmonizes your resonant energy, facilitating natural unwinding, myo-fascial adjustment, stress alleviation, clarity of mind, emotional cleansing, energetic refreshment, enhanced intuition, and overall well-being.

What is Structural Integration?

  • Structural Integration directly influences the alignment of fascia. Fascia is connective tissue throughout your entire body. It has no beginning, and no end. It separates you skin from your muscles, wraps around every muscle group, every individual muscle, every single muscle fiber, and nerves dissipate into it. This modality realigns tissue and corrects postural imbalances. Body Awakening’s sessions are intended to eliminate structural stress so you can move effortlessly through life.

What is Russian Sports?

  • Russian Sports was developed to heal wounded soldiers quickly and is now used by athletes for its restorative benefits. It uses a methodical application of techniques proven to improve muscle tone, recover from injury & physical exertion, increase range of motion, raise metabolism, boost the immune system, and remove metabolic waste.

What is Hot Stone?

  • Hot Stone sessions use river smoothed volcanic Basalt stones heated to 120-135 degrees Fahrenheit. The stones melt adhesive and tense tissue easily. It also encourages the secretion of naturally relaxing endorphins. It is said that one pass with hot stones is worth ten with the hand because of their efficiency in melting away tension.

What is Fusion Massage?

  • Fusion Massage blends two or three modalities and pairs them with infused oils and/or incense to enhance the benefit of a session. They are designed and exclusively offered by Body Awakening. Each Fusion Massage is 90 minutes of maximized satisfaction. Our full offering of Fusion Massage can be found on our Massage page.

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