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C.M.T. 31401

My passion for the healing arts and therapeutic touch takes root from my childhood. What began as basic massage techniques with family and friends developed into a deep love and respect for people. World Travel deepens these sentiments due to interacting in other cultures. Massage is not only a wonderful healer, but is a uniter of people, as well.

My practice is rooted in the principles of balance and integration. We are beings designed to express balance. Our bodies emulate how we achieve this in all facets of our lives. Every aspect of yourself is fully interwoven through your being; including: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, etcetera. My technique balances applications of knowledge and intuition in order to facilitate a highly effective healing experience.

I received professional massage training from the Arizona School of Massage Therapy in 2011. I hold a BAs in Spanish & Psychology from Greenville College, Illinois. I have a MA in Spanish and Hispanic-American Literature from Kansas State University.

Access YouTube videos demonstrating exercises and techniques to unwind tension, improve posture, and manage stress.

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