Holi happiness had by All!

Yesterday Body Awakening’s founders made their way to the Holi festival in Cardoza Park, Milpitas. The day was as bright and warm as the people spreading joy in the park. Greens, yellow, pink, purples, blues, and other colored chalk covered all who joined the mirth. What better way to enjoy a Saturday than with an all-loving day party where everyone accepts each other and enjoys one another’s company. In this moment we are honoring a triumph of good over evil, ushering in the creative energy of Spring. We dance to our heart’s content in our own fashion, just like everyone else. We connect with others, smearing colored chalk and hugging with no hesitation, remorse, shame, or fear. It is a beautiful experience. It is a celebration like this that honors the life we share. As with everyday, we are all the same, but Holi really drives that nuance home.IMG_1281

Thank you Milpitas for hosting a great gathering, uniting so many people joyfully. Thank you people for making our lives even more colorful!


Happy Holi!IMG_1293

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