Spicy is the new Hot: Zanzibar Spice


Paradisiac Paje Beach, Zanzibar

Our Zanzibar Spice will take the chill out of the winter air. Ethereal strokes gracefully wash away stresses of urban life as fluidly as the idillic waters off the shores of Zanzibar. Cinnamon and Clove infused organic Sunflower oil open your deeper tissues effortlessly as the tropical sun languidly traverses horizonless skies. A Lavender-Eucalyptus scrub smooths your hands to the texture of Paje Beach’s powder-fine white sand. Sounds of soothing oceans, waves, ripples, trickles, and drops of nature’s healer whisk you away to a blissful state of being.

This 90-minute break in SF will leave you as refreshed a three-week vacation in the tropics. Schedule your session now and delay your bliss no longer!

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