Nature designed our bodies to climb mountains, outrun predators, nourish itself from the Earth and defend itself from virus. So why  do so many of  us spend our lives sitting in traffic or at a desk? Walk in shoes that hurt our feet? Eat foods manufactured with toxins? Pop pills when our body is sick?  Were these habits marketed to us? Are they simply just a means to an end or the choices we find as the most rational?  Regardless of the why, the consequences include an Earth polluted and a body asleep – unable to live to its potential.

We founded Body Awakening with a vision to reconnect with a lifestyle of wellness, rooted in knowledge and wisdom of ancient health m%26w_008-2579784171-Oand healing traditions. Body awakening’s mission is to empower individuals to adopt a lifestyle of wellness by taking a holistic and proactive approach to health. Our aim is to offer knowledge, services and activities that lead the body through a transformational process – A Body Awakening!

Our business model is built around the triple bottom line of economic sustainability, community and environment. This means Body Awakening conducts business in a way that contributes to the community it operates in, strives to mitigate it’s environmental impact on the Earth, while sustaining itself financially. Some practices we put in place to honor this commitment are creating paperless medical records, green transport benefits, purchasing only organic  massage oils and organizing wellness events for our local community.

Well Wishes!

Megha and Wendell